Rewarding your music habits.

FIX is a loyalty program that rewards all aspects of online music enjoyment on streaming services and social media and integrates them with the excitement of the offline live music experience.

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What is FIX?

FIX is an iOS and Android app that integrates music streaming services, social media platforms, ticket sales services, venues, operators and partnerships, all in one app.

How FIX Works

The more you engage with music, the more you earn.

The more you earn, the more intimate and rewarding the experience.


Leaderboard & Ranking

Earn your spot on your favorite artist's leaderboard. Artists will be able to offer exclusive access and content to top-ranking fans.

Redeem Points

Redeeming points is easy! Browse in our list for the latest rewards to choose from, then order online.

Buy Tickets

Buy tickets for concerts, live events, or shows through our application and earn points that you can redeem against eligible rewards.

Share Points

See an interesting news article in the app? Earn points just for sharing it through Facebook or Twitter.

Exclusive Content

With FIX, you will have access to exclusive news of your favorite artists, as well as all the updates in their musical career such as tours, tickets, merchandise, new releases, contests and much more.

Music Points

Link your streaming services and earn points just by listening to your favorite music.

Coming Soon

FIX Laneway™

Fans may redeem points to jump the line, getting express access to events.

FIX View™

Interactive experience of a real-world environment.

Live VIP Chats

Meet-and-greets between fans and idols.

Discounted Tickets

Exchange your points for special discounts on tickets and get access to special events.


Users can redeem points for foods and drinks at concerts.

FIX for Artists

FIX is a marketing platform granting intimate access to fans and unparalleled ability to grow your audience, helping you connect with your fans and leverage current habits to create a powerful and rewarding incentive through a proven loyalty convention. You can set up your own goals and FIX can provide you with the right marketing tools to connect to your fans. FIX will analyze your fans' behavior, providing you with timely analytics reports so you can make better decisions.

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A marketing platform that generates new possibilities to grow and engage your audience. Create, manage and send the right messages.


An analytic tool that helps you to get to know your fans and make better decisions based on analytic report.


Reward your fans for doing what they love to do. Listening to your music.

Available to Android and iOS!

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